Masters of Mutanite - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Game Rules

  • If a utility pole is on fire and it's thrown into a flooded zone, does its fire get removed?
    Yes. Its fire gets removed before the utility pole's ranged damage and electricity have a chance to activate.
  • Can a thrown car light itself on fire?
  • Does fire spread on its own?
  • Do I gain any life when I enter the Hospital zone?
  • In terms of adjacency, does the city "wrap"?
    No. This isn't Pac-Man.
  • In what order do empty slots get refilled with cards from the Superpower Deck?
    They get refilled in "reading" order -- left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
  • If I reach a trait unlock in the middle of a power resolving, what happens?
    Finish resolving the power, then unlock your trait. 

Card Clarifications

  • 4 Arm Fury
    If you choose to throw another object, it must go to the zone that you threw the first object to. Attacks always target just one zone with all their effects.
  • Astral Projection
    The damage must be dealt to a legal target. For example, if you have Astral Projection and you dash into an enemy's zone, you can't hit them with the ranged attack, because they're not in an adjacent zone.
  • Cleanse
    If you want to play Cleanse, it must be played during your Play Phase, like any other power. You can't play Cleanse in your Status Phase to avoid being hit by status effects.
  • Cyclone
    You dash, then throw an object from the zone you dashed to.
  • Frostbite
    The additional damage is applied EACH time. For example, two separate attacks that successfully deal damage to an iced enemy would deal a total of 4 additional damage (2 additional from each attack).
  • Healing Factor
    You must play Cleanse for its power to gain the life. Discarding it to dash or for any other reason won't gain you the life.
  • Mass Momentum
    The damage must be dealt to a legal target. For example, if you have Mass Momentum and you dash out of an enemy's zone, you can't hit them with the melee attack, because they're not in your zone.
  • Mind Control
    Because a hero can already carry 2 civilians with them when they dash, activating Mind Control allows a hero to carry an additional civilian or player with them when dashing. 
  • Seduction
    "Targets" refers to whoever you hit with Seduction's damage. If you KO a player with the damage, you can move them. However, if a player is already KO'd and you attempt to deal them the damage, they won't receive any, which means you can't move them. If you're a villain and you killed a civilian with the damage, the civilian is removed from the board before you'd be able to move them.
  • Spike Skin
    If you enter a zone with more than one opponent, choose one opponent there to deal the damage to.
  • Stunt Rider
    Vehicles include the car, ice cream truck, and helicopter.

    If you have Mind Control and take both a player and a vehicle with you when dashing, you cannot make the vehicle hit the player (the player wasn't there before you arrived).
  • Super Swimming
    If you choose not to dash, you still don't have to discard a card.
  • Telekinesis
    This does not give you a "free" throw. Telekinesis allows you to throw objects that are in zones other than the one you're in. When using Telekinesis, you stay in your current zone, and move the object from its zone to a zone adjacent to it.
  • Voodoo
    The ability triggers immediately upon poisoning a non-poisoned enemy. If you target a non-poisoned enemy with Poison Fangs, they gain 3 poison counters: from the first icon, they gain 1 poison + 1 additional poison since they didn't have any, then they gain 1 more from the second poison icon. The horror!