Apotheca Freight and "Most Anticipated Abstract"

Since the last update, I've been in contact with the manufacturer regarding some small fixes to the Apotheca hard copy. We received a new hard copy, then gave them another round of feedback (among other small changes, potion corners are now rounded). This put us close to the wire as far as freight goes since Chinese New Year (CNY) was coming up fast - a time when factory and port workers, amongst MANY others, go on holiday for a few weeks (Happy New Year to all who celebrate!). Here's where we ended up:

  • US and miscellaneous international backers: A container of Apotheca is headed to the US! As a rough estimate, the container will be on the water for about 3 weeks, and then take another 10 days by truck to reach the warehouse. From there, a subset of the copies will be sent to Amazon US for US fulfillment, and a subset will be sent to me in Los Angeles for misc. int'l fulfillment. If everything goes smoothly, fulfillment should begin in late March. 
  • Canada and EU backers: Your copies will be freighted after CNY. For our US shipment, we had enough copies that it was cost effective to get a full container, but for Canada and EU, we are splitting up the copies amongst two containers -- one to Amazon in each region -- and sharing them with other folks freighting their goods. Full containers are faster to procure than "less-than-container load" spots, which is why we were not able to get those shipments out before CNY. Ports were very busy, especially Shanghai. I will let you know when these leave port after CNY. If everything goes smoothly, fulfillment should begin in late April / early May. 

On a different note, thank you to everyone who voted in BGG's Most Anticipated Games of 2016. Apotheca came in first in the Abstract category