We Have Gems!

Hello hello!

We received a special delivery from the manufacturer: the finalized gems for Apotheca! WOOHOO!! Below are the actual gems that will come in the game. They look and feel great! :D

The manufacturer really got the translucency right. Very happy with them!

In other news, we had another blind playtest the other night. The changes from the previous one were successful! As for the new solo mode scoring, players enjoyed it more than the last - everyone wanted to play multiple games. However, the new rules need to be a bit clearer, as well as the setup. So, I've modified the solo rules again and I'm going to blind playtest them one more time. I'm also going to test surfacing some main game info a bit earlier.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and have not played Apotheca yet, come out to our next playtest on Thursday, Nov. 12! We'd really appreciate it.

On the survey front, 96% of backers have filled them out, so thanks! We'll send our desired quantities to the manufacturer soon. We still have a bunch of file prep to do but the game is definitely moving along.