Apotheca Rules Editing

Happy Tuesday!

We've exported all the completed backer surveys from CrowdOx, checked on a bunch of data, and sent off our production quantities to the manufacturer. We've also gotten a number of files ready to send in so they can start making digital proofs.

Recently we had another blind playtest, focused on comprehension of the normal game as well as the changes to solo mode. I'm happy to report the playtesting was successful, and is finally finished! As such, we have a "release candidate" of the rules to share with you. We've combed over them numerous times, but any typos or other "gotchas" you can find would be appreciated. We may not make big (or small) changes at this point since these rules are so well-tested and perform very positively, but having another pair of eyes on them is always helpful.

Read the rules here: http://bit.ly/apothecarules

Then comment on the plain text version of the rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18NJYQcNc8V_KPxSh8_eFClNqY4yEp_pkfemHOzX9FnU/edit?usp=sharing

For folks celebrating Thanksgiving next week, have a good one :)