Apotheca Post-Kickstarter Update

Wow, our Kickstarter went AWESOMELY. We raised $112,651! Thanks again for everyone's backing and support! :D

One week has passed and we've been productive. We likely won't always have speedy updates like this, but it's neat we're able to share so many images at this point. While looking, please remember that everything is subject to change.


We've been testing different powers for the limited edition apothecaries - we call them the Three Thieves. We've settled on a possible set of color-oriented powers, inspired by backer ideas, which we hope to test at Gen Con:

We also continue to tweak the rules and wording of the base powers, which we will be testing at Gen Con. Below is the most recent Owl Swoop, now called Double Dive. I mentioned this new power text in a past update (citing that single diagonal movement was too weak), and we've since tweaked it again. It used to be "opposite directions" for the movement of the two potions, but that was too limiting. To balance out the "different directions," we added the "non-adjacent" clause so that the power isn't overpowered, and doesn't overlap with the Chained Charge ability.

We've also been internally testing a solo variant after trying a variety of different possibilities. It's strategic and puzzly and fun! I'll discuss this more in a future update.


We've gotten in touch with a 3D artist and begun modeling the gems! Below are early approaches for the Ruby and Topaz. I've given the artist feedback since receiving these. (Also, note they are not colored.)

Potion Ingredient Art Complete

Eduardo has finished the potion ingredient art, and it looks awesome! The ingredients add subtle richness and flavor to the game yet won't distract from gameplay. Here are some samples: 

Gen Con Events

We'll be at Gen Con at the end of the month. While most of our 35 Apotheca events are full, we still have a few slots open if you'd like to try out the game and get a sneak preview of the limited edition powers:

That's it!