Apotheca - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Normal Game Rules

  • Can Master Carbuncle's Reptilian Rush move potions on any diagonal or just the 4-long diagonals?
    He can use it on any diagonal!
  • In a 3-player game of Master of the Market, does anyone receive the Extra Action token?
    No. The Extra Action token is only for normal 3-player games.

Limited Edition Apothecaries

  • Leva the Blue mentions the "blue quadrant." What is this referring to?
    Each quadrant of the market is colored differently (refer to the art on the board) - blue, red, yellow or green. Leva can swap a potion in the blue quadrant with a potion in a different quadrant.
  • Can I use Tima the Red in the Master of the Market variant?
    No, he will conflict with the Master power usage rules. Remove Tima from the apothecary deck before playing Master of the Market. He's a free spirit and doesn't like being handled by the master.
  • What happens in the rare event that there is no apothecary for Tima the Red to copy?
    If this occurs, Tima has no power.

Kickstarter Exclusives

  • What happens if a special potion is placed face-up on the board during setup?
    Shuffle the potion back into the potion supply and replace it with another potion.
  • What happens if I reveal a special potion and it's part of a match?
    Carry out the special potion's effect before collecting the match. If you revealed a Fireball Potion, this may have caused the match to be broken up, so it is no longer a match.
  • Does the Fireball Potion remove itself from the market?
    No, it only removes a potion adjacent to it.
  • How do special potions work in Solo Mode?
    Special potions act as normal potions in solo mode.
  • What if I can't take a second action after using a Cloning Potion?
    In the rare event that this happens, you forego your second action. Currently, the only way this can happen is if all of the following occur: you reveal the Cloning Potion when there are 3 secret potions in the market, you don't have enough gems to hire an apothecary, AND you have no active apothecaries. Luckily, the Cloning Potion effect in this case acts as a Reveal and a Restock in one action, which are the same two actions you would take in this scenario anyway if you revealed a normal potion instead of a Cloning Potion.
  • What happens if Diura receives a special potion when she is revealed?
    Shuffle the potion back into the potion supply and replace it with another potion.
  • What happens to the potion on Diura when she is satisfied?
    She keeps the potion. Place the match on top of it.
  • If I swap Diura's potion for a facedown potion in the market that is pointing to another player, can I look at it?
    No! Don't look at it, and maintain its orientation.
  • In Solo Mode, where does Diura's starting potion come from?
    Diura's starting potion comes from the potion cards remaining outside the game after setup.
  • In Solo Mode, can Diura swap her potion with a stack of potions?
    Yes, and if you satisfy her while she has a stack of potions on her, remove them from the game.
  • What if Tima the Red is copying Diura's power, but then Diura is hired, changing Tima's power?
    Remove the potion from Tima and shuffle it into the potion supply. If it's facedown, don't reveal it!